Vocal Health Research Association

Our team of Vocal health research association is here to help the government hospitals by providing them volunteers for various purposes. We have a vision of a prosperous India in our mind and heart. We have also launched many projects for the welfare of people. In our projects we are providing education, treatment and society development all over the country. You can also contribute by making a donation and help us in our great mission.

Support Us

You can also help us in this mission by donating towards helping people.

Our Mission

We aim is to make India self dependent in all skilled and non skilled sectors. 

Get Involved

If you are able to be one of our volunteers then contact us and help us in this mission.

Our Projects

Set Up A Women University In UK

We are planning to set up multiple women university in Uttarakhand.

Medical College In J&K

There was need for medical college in J&K for a long time, we saw that need & we are on it.

Medicity In Punjab, Himachal and UK

We are working on developing MedIcity in several states like Punjab, Himachal and UK.

Dispensery In All Over India On Every FIve Thousand People

Medicines are expensive for some people and medicines are not available at all places. So we have planned to open dispensary on every 5000 people population.  

Land In Different Places Like Rajasthan, UK, J&K Himachal For Different Purposes

We are working on allocating the vacant land in states like UK, Himachal, Rajasthan and J&K for many society welfare purpose.

Vikas Ki Pathshala

Many needy people doesn’t know about different government schemes from which they can get benefits. We are providing vikas ki pathshala where we will make people aware about great government schemes.  

West Pancharan District In Bihar Is Going To Adopt

We will be adopting West Pancharan district in Bihar and will develop it.

Andaman & Nicobar Is Going To Adopt

Andaman & Nicobar is also part of states which we will adopt to develop and teach people there.

We Will Give Volunteers In All Govt. Hospital All Over India

Our main aim is to provide volunteers in all government hospitals all over India.

We have Two Thousands Group Of Dentists And Doctors

In our large group of teams we have around 200+ dentists and doctors to help and treat people remotely or physically. 

Education Scholarship Programs

We are going to conduct exams and will provide 100% scholarship to selected bright students who are under below poverty line.  

Free Health Check-ups

We also provide free health check all over India.

It is all about giving

Spread joy with a donation

We Raise Donations For Various Purposes Like:

We are on a mission and you can also join us by donating little. We raise donations for:

For Treatment

We use the donation for free treatment of patients.

For Educations

Your donation will be used to provide education to children.

For Society Improvement

We improved society in many ways by using donation.

For Unemployed Youth

We will use donation to provide jobs and work to unemployed youths.

About Us

Our team of Vocal health research association is here to help the government Hospitals by providing the volunteers to hospitals. In our projects we are providing education, treatment and society development.


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