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Establishments of Vocal Swasthya Kendra in Rural Areas

The Vocal Health and Research Association is seeking to provide general hospital facilities to rural areas as part of its mission to improve access to healthcare services for underserved populations. The proposed project will include primary care, preventive care, diagnostics, specialty care, and emergency care. The goal is to ensure that rural communities receive the same level of healthcare services as those available in urban areas. This will help reduce disparities in healthcare access, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs. The proposed project will also focus on training local healthcare workers, equipping local healthcare facilities with the necessary technology and infrastructure, and establishing a network of local healthcare providers from rural population to promote rural employment. To ensure cost-effectiveness, the project will leverage existing resources and infrastructure and use innovative methods for delivering healthcare services.

1. Medical specialties and services for the 5-10 bed centre:

In today’s world, medical specialties and services are essential for any general hospital facility. Specialized services are needed to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment. To provide these services, a 5-bed centre is a great starting point for a rural health services team. It will ensure that patients no longer suffer from unavailability of beds in hospitals at the time of emergency. By having a 5-bed centre, the staff will be able to better manage their patients and provide them with the best possible care. The 5-bed centre can be used to provide
a range of services and treatments. This includes providing primary healthcare services such as general medical check-ups, family planning, and emergency services. It can also provide more specialized services such as obstetrics, neonatal care, and minor surgery.

2. General OPD

Vocal Health and Research Association (VHRA) is committed to providing comprehensive general hospital facilities to rural areas in India. The association recognizes the need to provide quality health services to the rural population and is actively working to bridge the gap between the health services available in urban and rural areas. VHRA has identified a number of ways to bring health services to rural areas. This includes setting up general hospital facilities in rural areas, providing training for local health professionals, and developing specialized health clinics. The association also provides education and awareness programs to the locals on health topics such as hygiene and nutrition by organizing healthcare campaigns.

3. Dental Care

Dental care is also important to VHRA’s commitment to providing quality health services to the rural population. The establishment of dental OPDs in rural areas will allow VHRA to provide access to essential dental care services and help improve the oral health of the rural population. This is an important step, as access to dental care is often limited in rural areas due to the high cost of private dental services.

4. Eye Care

VHRA will also train and employ an eye technician in each of the rural areas. The goal is to give basic machine handling training for vision checkupcheck- upsuires no special education. Hence, the idea is again to provide an employ population. This eye technician will be responsible for providing essential eye care services to the rural population, including the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases and vision problems. The eye technician will also be trained to provide referrals for specialized eye care services, such as ophthalmological surgery or the prescription of glasses. Furthermore, this eye technician will educate the rural population about the importance of regular eye exams and other preventive care measures.

5. Sample collection Centre

VHRA also aims to set up a sample collection centre in Vocal Swasthya Kendra to ensure the early diagnosis and prevention of acute or chronic diseases. This sample collection centre will facilitate the testing of various medical samples, such as blood, urine, and other bodily fluids. This centre will provide invaluable assistance to the rural population, as they will be able to receive medical tests without having to travel to distant medical facilities. The sample collection centre will be a boon to rural communities, giving them the ability to receive diagnostic tests and preventive measures that can help detect and avoid health issues in a timely manner.

6. Nursing Staff

VHRA also aims to place professional nursing staff to ensure quality healthcare services at the general healthcare centres. These nursing staff members will be responsible for assisting the doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as providing general health education to patients.

7. Pharmacist

A pharmacist will be on staff to provide the correct medications for any treatments prescribed by the doctors and to provide guidance on how to use and store them properly. Additionally, the pharmacist will be available to answer any questions patients may have about their medications and provide support to the nurses in ensuring that proper dosages are given. VHRA wants to give rural people complete health care services so they don’t have to go to cities for basic medical needs.

8. Gynaecologist and lab facilities

VHRA will ensure that every five centres will be equipped with a gynaecologist and laboratory facilities. This will ensure that patients can receive the necessary treatment and diagnosis for any health issues related to women’s health quickly and conveniently. The samples collected from the sample collection centre will go to the laboratory for testing, where the results will be analysed and sent to the relevant health centre, allowing treatment to be administered promptly. Having a gynaecologist and laboratory facilities in every five centres will go a long way towards addressing the lack of access to healthcare services for the rural population, especially women.

9. One OT will be available at each of the five centres.

VHRA will also ensure that every five centres will be equipped with an operation theatre. By providing an operation theatre, VHRA will ensure that people who live in remote areas can access the medical care they need. Additionally, VHRA will ensure that each of the five centres is staffed with a qualified doctor who is able to perform various operations and treatments.

10. Online Consultancy

The Vocal Health and Research Association has taken a step forward by planning to provide online consultancy to help people in rural areas get online consultations. During online consultancy, a patient is asked to go for tests prescribed by doctor and then again meet doctor online for medication prescription. We at VHRA, wants to make this process simple and quick by providing one-stop solution. A patient who visits VHRA’s health centre will be given online consultancy for test prescription, immediate test facilities, doctor’s medication prescription with immediate online call and treatment.
Moreover, the organization plans to promote “Digital India” by providing digital medical services, making medical care more accessible for people living in rural areas and those who cannot afford it. This online consultancy services are expected to reduce medical costs in rural areas and provide more opportunities for people, especially women, to access healthcare services online at any time.

11. Health Camps

VHRA is determined to organize free health camps in rural areas . A Free medical Camp is a life-saving program. Because it aims to provide free medical and surgical services to poor communities living in rural or urban areas. A special mobile team from Vocal Swasthya Kendra with varieties of medical specialized services are there to execute the camp.

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