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Project Goal

Overall, the pandemic has highlighted the need for increased attention and resources for rural healthcare. It’s important that we address the challenges faced by rural communities and work to ensure that everyone has access to the medical care they need, regardless of where they live.

Also, according to the recently released Rural Health Statistics 2021–22, community health centers (CHCs), primary health centers (PHCs), and health sub-centers (SCs) all operated with staffing levels that were lower than even those of the year before, 2020 sub-centres–21. This has led to disparities in access to healthcare and health outcomes between rural and urban areas.

This is a major issue for the VHRA, as we are working to bridge the gap between these centers and their required staffing levels in order to provide better care to those living in rural and remote areas. Considering the current rural healthcare services in India, we look forward to solving the existing problems and bringing about a revolutionary change in the healthcare system by introducing these innovative measures.

Therefore, Vocal Health and Research Association is attempting to establish 1500 general healthcare centers (Vocal Swasthya Kendra) in rural areas in the next 7 years and furthermore we are planning to establish advance VOCAL hospitals after achieving every 100 centers in rural areas, and that will provide multidisciplinary healthcare services. The organization is aimed at helping poor and disabled people with innovative healthcare programs. At every rural population of 5000-8000 people, VHRA aims to establish 1 Vocal Swasthya Kendra with high skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology. VHRA believes that by making these healthcare centers available, rural India will benefit from increased access to high-quality, comprehensive health services.

These centers will concentrate on providing healthcare services to those in the greatest need. VHRA will achieve this by providing cutting-edge medical technology and access to skilled healthcare professionals.


  • Improvement in the level of health care of the community
  • Favorable population growth structure
  • Reduction in the prevalence of preventable, communicable and other disease.
  • Reduction in morbidity and mortality rates especially among infants and children.
  • Extension of essential health services with priority given to the underprivileged rural population sectors.
  • Improvement in Basic Sanitation
  • Development of the capability of the community aimed at self- reliance.
  • Maximizing the contribution of the other sectors for the social and economic development of the community.
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