Our Projects

Vocal Health Center all over India for every five Thousand People
Most of the people in India cannot afford even the primary level of care because of the expensive medicines or non-availability of medicines. To meet the necessity of primary health we opened Vocal Health Center all over India.
Medical College in J&K
There are 9 Medical college in J&K, but the city needs the urgent changes to cater the healthcare demands. The medical research and innovation, along with the education system needs to focus more on increasing the quality of research. In order to keep an eye on the escalating requirement of hospitals, schools and colleges. So, we are going to build a medical college there.
Medications in Punjab, Himachal and Uttrakhand
We will provide all the medicines and vitals required to treat elderly people in the states of Punjab, Himachal and Uttrakhand. We will build a separat e society for senior citizens in these places to take care of them efficiently. These people are provided with some areas of land where they can grow their vegetables and fruits and prepare their own healthy, fresh and hygienic food. We will also provide small cars to these people to travel with their regular or basic required stuff.

Establishment of Women University in Uttrakhand
Education is an important part of the life of all women. Even wealthy families in India often send their daughters to an all- women college or not send them to college at all. To educate women is to make them. We are planning to set up a Women University in Uttrakhand to enhance the skills, knowledge and self -confidence in women.
Land in various states for multiple purposes
We have purchased the vacant land in many different states like Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and J&K for many purposes to assist the Government hospitals.
Vikas Ki Pathshala
We are consistently providing education for development for individuals across the nation.
West Pancharan district in Bihar
We are working vigorously to provide our aids in West Pancharan district in Bihar for the amelioration of people by providing education and medical assistance.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Our team is looking forward towards Andaman & Nicobar Islands with all our assistance, experience, planning and development tools in order to upgrade and reform the life and health of people there.

Volunteers in all Govt. hospitals of India
Our main objective is to provide volunteers in all government hospitals of India. There are many patients are not able to stand in a long queues or cannot move here and there because of their illness of physical disability. Our volunteers in the hospitals will serve these patients with all perspective so that the patient won’t face any difficulty. Whether it is standing in a queue for any test, taking the patient for blood sample or to get any medicine from the pharmacy, all these activities will be handled by our volunteers
We have two thousands groups of dentists and doctors
We operate with a significant group of doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical staff to provide aid and treat people. 
Education Scholarship Programs
We will provide scholarship programs to needy and eligible students so that they can pursue their dream career. The scholarship program will also be there for the students with disabilities or the students from backward communities.
Free Health Check-ups
Various camps will be organized in rural areas to provide free health checkups along with the awareness programs among the people.

About Us

Our team of Vocal health research association is here to help the government Hospitals by providing the volunteers to hospitals. In our projects we are providing education, treatment and society development.


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