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1. Health Education and Training:

In Health Education and Training, medical NGOs empower healthcare professionals and community health workers through targeted education programs. These initiatives extend to communities, raising awareness about health issues and promoting practices that foster a culture of preventive care and overall well-being.

3. Nutrition Programs:

Nutrition Programs by medical NGOs address malnutrition by providing essential counseling and support. These initiatives extend to enhancing food security and promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring communities have access to nutritious food and promoting long-term health and well-being.


VHRA also aims to set up a sample collection center in Vocal Swasthya Kendra to ensure the early diagnosis and prevention of acute or chronic diseases. This sample collection center will facilitate the testing of various medical samples, such as blood, urine, and other bodily fluids. This center will provide invaluable assistance to the rural population, as they will be able to receive medical tests without having to travel to distant medical facilities. The sample collection center will be a boon to rural communities, giving them the ability to receive diagnostic tests and preventive measures that can help detect and avoid health issues in a timely manner.


The Vocal Health and Research Association (VHRA) plans to provide online medical consultations to people in rural areas. Patients will be given a one-stop solution, including test facilities, doctor consultations, and medication prescriptions. VHRA aims to promote "Digital India" by providing digital medical services, reducing medical costs, and increasing healthcare accessibility, especially for women.


VHRA will ensure that every five centers will be equipped with a gynecologist and laboratory facilities. This will ensure that patients can receive the necessary treatment and diagnosis for any health issues related to women's health quickly and conveniently.


VHRA is determined to organize free health camps in rural areas. A Free medical Camp is a lifesaving program. Because it aims to provide free medical and surgical services to poor communities living in rural or urban areas. A special mobile team from Vocal Swasthya Kendra with varieties of medical specialized services are there to execute the camp. The main objective of a medical camp is to provide initial care to people in life- threatening conditions which reflect the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics.


VHRA Wiil conduct research program to collect the data from Vocal Swasthya Kendra It can provide important information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, functional abilities, patterns of care, and health care costs and use. The different approaches to research complementary insights. provide


Free sanitary pads for girls and women in rural areas are a critical initiative that can help address a number of important issues. Access to sanitary pads is a critical component of menstrual hygiene. When girls and women do not have access to pads, they may resort to using unhygienic materials like rags or leaves. This can lead to infections and other health problems.

11. Emergency Medical Assistance:

Emergency Medical Assistance offered by medical NGOs involves rapid deployment of teams and resources to disaster-stricken areas, providing immediate healthcare, surgical interventions, and trauma treatment. These NGOs play a crucial role in responding to infectious disease outbreaks, offering logistical support, and training local healthcare workers. Psychological first aid and mental health support are integral, addressing emotional well-being. Collaborating with various stakeholders, these organizations ensure a coordinated response, from early warning systems to post-emergency rehabilitation. Medical NGOs contribute significantly to saving lives, preventing disease spread, and aiding communities in crisis recovery.


VHRA also aims to place professional nursing staff to ensure quality healthcare services at the general healthcare centers. These nursing staff members will be responsible for assisting the doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as providing general health education to patient

13. Maternal and Child Health Services:

Maternal and Child Health Services offered by medical non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focus on ensuring the well-being of mothers and children through comprehensive healthcare initiatives. These services encompass prenatal and postnatal care, safe childbirth practices, and the promotion of maternal and child health. Medical NGOs play a crucial role in delivering essential healthcare interventions, including vaccinations, nutrition programs, and education to improve the health outcomes of mothers and children. By providing access to quality healthcare, these organizations contribute significantly to reducing maternal and child mortality rates, addressing health disparities, and promoting overall community well-being.