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Amidst the quiet fields, let's amplify the voice of rural child health. Together, we create echoes of hope and vitality.

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VHRA is dedicated to Ensuring Essential Rural Health and also promoting Education and its importance towards rural development. Our team is highly professional and that has been helping people in achieving good health to improve quality of life.

Certainly, it's important to highlight that the Vocal Health and Research Association is not involved in any financial transactions or vendor dealings related to job offers. Verify all information through our official website and contact our head office in Delhi for accurate details.

Vocal Swasthya Kendra

The Multi-Speciality Clinic and Online Consultation Center

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Director's Message

"Welcome to Vocal Health and Research Association! Our core initiative aims to address healthcare disparities in rural areas, led by a seasoned medical professional. We are committed to providing accessible healthcare services through Multi-specialty Clinics tailored to the unique needs of underserved communities. Our vision is to make comprehensive medical care a fundamental right for everyone, focusing on preventive care, health education, and community engagement. By strategically placing Vocal Swasthya Kendra in rural areas, we aim to create a lasting impact on the health and quality of life of those overlooked in the healthcare system."

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Step into the stories of impact and empowerment as individuals from rural communities express their gratitude. The testimonials in this section reflect the transformative journey of health and hope facilitated by Vocal Health and Research Association, one testimony at a time

Prince Thakur


Partnering with Vocal Health And Research Association was an incredible experience.

Kaushik Vishwas


VHRA is like a superhero in rural India, helping people get healthcare jobs through cool training programs and interviews all over the country. They're known for being the best at it, with a super professional team that guides folks to make their healthcare dreams come true.

Jaspreet Kaur


We’re proud to have joined hands with VHRA and look forward to making an even greater impact together.

Rudhika Sharma


Their dedication to build 1000 hospitals for the better health and medical services is incredible.

Abhi Syal


Vocal Health and Research Association's "Vocal Swasthya Kendra" is a rural healthcare game-changer, providing once-dreamt-of access. Their innovative focus on vocal health is truly inspiring, making a commendable impact on countless lives.

Sanjay Chaudhary


Vocal Health and Research Association's commitment to providing minimal to no-cost healthcare in rural India is remarkable.

Dhriti Bhutiyani


By recognizing healthcare as a basic human right and prioritizing vocal health, they are not just providing services; they're fostering holistic well-being, positively impacting millions in need.

Luvkush Chauhan


VHRA stands out as a premier healthcare service provider in rural India, renowned for its pioneering approach to training and placement. With a highly professional team and a commitment to individual potential, VHRA is a top choice for those seeking excellence in the healthcare sector.


Bring essential healthcare to the heart of underserved communities, creating a transformative melody of positive change.

Garhmukteshwar, U.P

VHRA proudly announces the opening of its transformative healthcare initiative – a hospital in Garhmukteshwar. Committed to vocal health and overall well-being, we are dedicated to providing accessible and compassionate healthcare services to empower the rural local community.

Pandori, J&K

VHRA extends its reach with the inauguration of a hospital in Pandori, championing the cause of rural health improvement. Committed to making a positive impact, we strive to bring accessible healthcare to underserved communities, fostering a healthier and more vibrant future for rural people.

Arnia, J&K

VHRA is proud to announce the successful opening and operation of our hospital in Arnia, dedicated to enhancing rural health. With a commitment to accessibility and quality care, we are actively contributing to the betterment of healthcare in underserved communities. Our ongoing efforts in Arnia exemplify our mission to empower and improve the well-being of rural populations, creating a healthier and more resilient future for all.

VHRA Crash Certification Courses

Welcome to VHRA Crash Certification Courses, where we embark on a mission to empower individuals with essential skills and knowledge through our transformative and concise certification programs. Our commitment lies in offering courses that go beyond traditional learning, providing participants with practical insights, hands-on experience, and industry-relevant expertise. In today's fast-paced world, professional development is crucial, and VHRA Crash Certification Courses are tailored to meet the evolving needs of individuals in the healthcare sector. Our courses are not just about acquiring knowledge; they are about gaining practical, real-world skills that can be immediately applied in various healthcare settings.


Join us in creating a healthier, more harmonious world for all."

Kishtwar, J&K

Exciting news on the horizon! VHRA is gearing up for a groundbreaking project in Kishtwar, J&K, as we continue our mission to elevate rural healthcare. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our upcoming initiative, poised to make a lasting impact on the well-being of the community and extend our commitment to providing accessible healthcare services

Tatarpur, Alwar

Anticipate positive change! VHRA is poised to launch a transformative healthcare initiative in Tatarpur, Alwar, Rajasthan, as we strive to enhance rural well-being. Our upcoming project reflects our unwavering commitment to accessible healthcare, marking another significant step towards fostering healthier communities in the heart of Rajasthan.

Wari Pora, Anantnag

Embracing the spirit of progress, VHRA is on the verge of unveiling a visionary healthcare project in Kund, Anantnag. As we extend our commitment to rural health, this upcoming initiative embodies our dedication to providing accessible and quality healthcare services, nurturing the well-being of the community in the picturesque region of Anantnag.

Dandari, Begusarai

Get ready for positive strides in healthcare! VHRA is on the brink of launching an impactful project in Dandari, Begusarai. As we extend our mission to enhance rural well-being, this upcoming initiative signifies our dedication to providing accessible healthcare services, fostering a healthier tomorrow for the vibrant community of Begusarai.

Ninga, Begusarai

Anticipate transformative healthcare on the horizon! VHRA is set to unveil a pioneering project in Ninga, Begusarai, as part of our ongoing commitment to elevate rural well-being. Stay tuned for an initiative that reflects our dedication to providing accessible healthcare services and creating positive change in the vibrant community of Ninga

Qazigund, J&K

Anticipate transformative healthcare on the horizon! VHRA is set to unveil a pioneering project in Ninga, Begusarai, as part of our ongoing commitment to elevate rural well-being. Stay tuned for an initiative that reflects our dedication to providing accessible healthcare services and creating positive change in the vibrant community of Ninga

Shrinagar, J&K

Prepare for a healthcare revolution! VHRA is on the verge of introducing a transformative project in Srinagar, J&K, aiming to enhance the health and well-being of the local community. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey to provide accessible healthcare services and make a positive impact in the picturesque city of Srinagar

Bijbehera, J&K

Unlocking a new chapter in healthcare excellence! VHRA is thrilled to announce our upcoming project in Bijbehara, J&K, as we expand our mission to elevate rural well-being. Stay tuned for an initiative that embodies our commitment to providing accessible healthcare services, fostering positive change in the vibrant community of Bijbehara.

VHRA International Medical Conference in Dubai

The VHRA International Medical Conference is an ambitious initiative aimed at making a significant contribution to the healthcare sector. It serves as a dynamic platform for experts, researchers, and professionals to exchange knowledge, share insights, and explore the latest advancements in healthcare. The conference goes beyond being a gathering, offering thought-provoking discussions, in-depth presentations, and interactive workshops on cutting-edge technologies. Attendees can expect not only theoretical knowledge but also practical applications in real-world medical scenarios. The event emphasizes networking and collaboration, fostering connections that extend beyond the conference room. The goal is to facilitate meaningful partnerships, leading to collaborative initiatives and advancements in medical knowledge and practices. The conference invites professionals at all levels to actively contribute to the collective advancement of the medical field, setting new standards in medical discourse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to contribute substantial awareness, experience, foresight, and ideas to bring the best services to the rurals through many projects across the country, like providing best healthcare services along with campaigns to promote health education, treatment, society development, etc.

You can contribute by volunteering and staying informed about vocal health issues, participating in our awareness campaigns, and supporting our research initiatives. Additionally, donations and volunteering opportunities are available to those interested in actively contributing to our cause.

VHRA offers a variety of resources, open the hospital in rural area to improve rural health including medical services, educational materials, healthcamps and workshops. Our goal is to empower individual rurals with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain and enhance their vocal well-being.

VHRA actively collaborates with healthcare proffesionals, researchers, institutions, and professionals in the field of vocal health. We provide grants, funding, and resources to support groundbreaking research projects aimed at advancing our understanding of vocal health and its impact on overall well-being.

VHRA is for everyone! While we engage with healthcare professionals, researchers, and experts in vocal health, our mission is to make information accessible to the rurals and generals. Whether you're a performer, educator, or simply someone interested in maintaining a healthy voice, VHRA provides resources and support for individuals at every level of engagement.

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