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Meet the unstoppable force at VHRA – our stellar team of dedicated experts. Each member brings unique skills and boundless creativity to the table, forging a collective spirit that turns challenges into triumphs. Get ready to discover the faces powering the innovation at VHRA!

Welcome to the heart of VHRA - where talent meets tenacity. Our team is a vibrant blend of diverse skills, passion, and dedication.

Dr. Jagdish Prasad

Chief Advisor, VHRA

Dr Farakh S. Khan

Director & Chairman, VHRA

Miss Kavi Singh

CEO, VHRA Ex Human Rights Conservation

Dr. Harender Singh

Chief Administrative Officer, VHRA

Marij Zahoor Ganaie

Vice President, VHRA

Dr. Imkongmenla Pongen

Project Manager

Shubham Pandey

Social Strategy Architect

Shivam Kumar

Chartered Accountant


Personal Operations Manager

Abdus Samad

Marketing Head

Diksha Dahal

Network Operations Operator

Uday Yadav

Office Maintentance Support